• 12inch


  • Cat No: CH001
  • 2020-11-11


12inch1590 JPY

パリのアンダーグラウンド・ハウス、テクノのスペシャリスト、ベテランDJ DEEPが新レーベルCHILDHOODを立ち上げてシングル・リリース!

ダビーで繊細、リズミック。音の内側に溶け込んでしまいたい。ディープ。非の打ちどころのない3 TRACKS。 (サイトウ)

Track List

Im happy to present the first 12” on my new born 2020 baby CHILDHOOD. It is by no one else than the living legend and overall wonderful human that is DJ DEEP from Paris. I’ve met Cyril via booking him at one of my parties ages ago. When I opened Blitz he became part of the closer family and started to play regularly. Over the time we exchanged ideas and thoughts about music and life in general and when I told him that I’m planning to start a label, he instantly sent me VAINCRE, a timeless 3-track masterpiece that sits in between dubby House & Techno. It got me hooked straight away. Be it at home or on the dance floor - yes, I managed to road test during these crazy times - these tracks serve goosebumps full on and set the perfect groove to a dance floor. I’ve put a lot of love into the artwork and packaging and on top of this, the first 300 copies contain a CHILDHOOD sticker pack. Enjoy listening and dancing!


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