• 12inch


  • Cat No: BRR23
  • 2021-12-03


12inch2290 JPY


ベース、ジャングルやフォットワークなども取り入れ、ロンドンのカルチャーからの影響をうたうサンパウロのシーンのクルー。UKグライム、Elijah & SkilliamのBUTTERZからのアナログリリース。リオデジャネイロのファンキ(バイレファンキ)につうじる、ポルトガル語のラップ、アフロブラジリアンなリズムを受け継ぐベースミュージック。 (サイトウ)

The first Brazilian Grime release available on vinyl. Between Sao Paulo and London, Grime and Baile Funk, there is an underlying synergy, a collective beat that speaks to both cities. CESRV, Febem and Fleezus spent months holed up in a Bela Vista studio exploring the sonic and cultural similarities between the two urban monoliths. Their experimentation lead to the creation of BRIME!, a unique reinterpretation of Baile Funk rhythms through traditional and contemporary Grime, Drill and Garage sounds, with features from internationally recognized artists. In the wake of this release, a scene was born, now percolating through all of Brazil's urban strongholds at 140 beats per minute. Welcome to BRIME!

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