• 12inch

Str8 Crooked

  • Cat No: HJP095
  • 2022-02-28


12inch ---- JPY

SENTATIONALから、JOY ORBISON & BODDIKA 、STOFETTまで各地のアンダーグラウンドアクトとともコラヴォレーションも行ってきたNYCアンダーグラウンドMADTEOが〈HONEST JON'S〉からリリース!

NYアンダーグラウンド、MADTEOがHONEST JON'Sからリリース。アルバム先行となる3曲のEP。ヘヴィーに打ちつけるキック、LOW BASS、アタック、RAW & DOPE最高なA-SIDE2曲と、B-SIDEフルの16分強に渡る大作「Episcopi Vagantes」。 (サイトウ)

Three dazzling re-routings of Detroit machine funk — Moodymann in particular — into deep mid-Atlantic co-minglings with raw, old-school hiphop and house.

Str8 Crooked is clattering, chugging jack, holding something like Paisley soul under the water; Build Back Better Sweatshops is more driving, riven with breakdowns and horror-show vocal samples. With an uptempo downbeat which nonetheless sounds like a tolling bell, the epic, immersive, sixteen-minutes-plus Episcopi Vagantes pulls off the deadly combination of a kind of stifled, timeworn, melodic wistfulness and percussively restless, passing-through urgency.

This is killer dance music, run through with swingeing, parping bass and ruff b-boy drum-machine rhythms: encrusted and detailed, mangled and nervy, but intensely hard-grooving; wired with punk insouciance, edginess, and free spirit.

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