• LP

On Our Own Clock

  • Cat No: M3H008LP
  • 2021-10-22


LP3950 JPY

南アフリカ、セネガルのミュージシャンとAlabaster DePlume、The Comet Is ComingのDanalogue、シャバカ・ハッチングス周辺で活躍するチューバ奏者Theon Cross達UKの新しいジャズムーヴメント渦中のアーチスト達を含む総勢14人のミュージシャンによるプロジェクトON OUR OWN CLOCK。アルバム、アナログ入荷しています!

コロナ以前にロンドンのTotal Refreshment Centreに集まり録音が計画されていた計画されていたプロジェクトON OUR OWN CLOCK。パンデミックで中止を余儀なくされるも、各都市でそれぞれ録音し、共同作業で作り上げられた総勢14名のミュージシャン達によるアルバム。さまざまな要素が取り込まれ、隆盛しているUK ジャズシーンと、民族音楽、エレクトロニクス、アフリカンジャズが融合する象徴的な一枚。 (サイトウ)

Pre-pandemic, there was a plan. The plan was for musicians from South Africa and Senegal to travel to London’s influential Total Refreshment Centre to make an album with musical kindred spirits in the UK. Like so many plans, it had to be adapted. During the first wave of COVID-19 lockdowns, groups of heavy-hitting musicians met for a day of intense recording in their home cities then sent the music to their compadres across the oceans. They returned to the studio a month later to respond to the music they’d been sent. The result is ‘On Our Own Clock’, a sonic testament to trenchant and collaborative creativity which digs into layers of South African jazz, traditional Senegalese instrumental music and London’s rich diaspora-informed musicality. Individually these are powerful strands of music. Collectively, they are super-sized. The 14 players are individually stellar and include tuba don Theon Cross; Alabaster dePlume, whose album ‘To Cy & Lee’ has been a pandemic panacea to so many people (including Bon Iver, who sampled it); top South African players including Siya Makuzeni (SPAZA), Zoe Molelekwa and Asher Gamedze, who appears on Angel Bat Dawid’s critically-acclaimed ‘The Oracle’ and whose debut album, ‘Dialectic Soul’, received universal acclaim upon its release in 2020; The Comet Is Coming’s Danalogue; Senegal’s highly respected Kora player, Tarang Cissoko as well as Balimaya Project’s Yahael Camara Onono. Collectively they’ve ascended their individual brilliance into an album that is variously warm and layered, full of tuff grooves, and steeped in moments of reflective transcendence.

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