• 12inch

Acid King (incl. F.u.s.e. Bass Dub)

  • Cat No: FOM3
  • 2022-10-17


12inch2090 JPY

RICHIE HAWTINのフロア回帰であり、初期の彼のスタンスに回帰するシングル"Acid King" 。凄み。強力!

レジェンドRICHIE HAWTINが「Acid King」と謳っています。B-SIDEにはF.U.S.E.名義でのリミックス収録。「Acid King」中のVOX部分とビートをそれぞれ追加して12インチリリース。クレイジーなパーティーチューン。 (サイトウ)

Richie Hawtin continues his reconnection to the dancefloors, following on from the ‘Time Warps’ EP from late last year. ‘Acid King’ goes from melodic introspection back to his intense and hypnotic acid style that first brought him to the stage in the early ’90s.
What started out as a studio experiment searching for the soft, warm distortions that were inherent in all my early 1990s F.U.S.E & Circuit Breaker ACID tracks, morphed into something else…”
Richie Hawtin - ‘Acid King’

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