• 2x12inch

Rude Movements Remixes

  • Cat No: BBE389ELP
  • 2022-03-21


2x12inch5990 JPY

BRIT FUNK、NYC アンダーグラウンド・ディスコの伝説DAVID MANCUSOのTEH LOFTでプレイされたクラシックとして知られ、様々なDJにプレイされ現在な夜を彩ったマスターピースSUN PALACE「Rude Movements」をMOODYMANN, FRANCOIS K, KENNY DOPEたちがリミックスしたアルバムがリプレスされました!

アンダーグラウンド・ダンス・ミュージックの歴史に名を刻むブリテイッシュ・エレクトロニック・ジャズファンク名曲中の名曲SUN PALACE「Rude Movements」の2017年のリミックス企画2LPがアナログ再発されました。冒頭は、個人的にはローラーディスコ・バージョンと思っているMOODYMANNによる絶妙なリミックスでスムース&奥ゆかしいファンキーさ、大好きなリミックスです。ディープに展開するFRANCOIS Kも素晴らしく, KENNY DOPE、Frankie Felicianoたち歴史を作った人たちによるリミックス、ストックホルムのOpolopoのリミックスでどれも素晴らしいミックス。BBEこれだけ特別な値段で、お値段張りますがベストプライスでつけたつもりなので、アナログ派の方是非。 (サイトウ)

Following a limited 7” vinyl release of SunPalace edits in 2020, BBE Music finally delivers the full-length versions of Moodymann and Kenny Dope’s ‘Rude Movements’ remixes, alongside brand new interpretations by François K, Frankie Feliciano and OPOLOPO, plus a special edit by Phil Asher.

François Kevorkian needs no introduction to fans of House and electronic music. Featuring keys by Eric Kupper, his ‘SATS Dub’ and ‘TradMix’ versions of ‘Rude Movements’ are simply classic works, summoning House music’s golden era forward in time, to the here and now. Bonus spaced-out ‘Flerken Space Bubbles’ and beat-less ‘Atmosphere’ revisions are also included in the digital version: both invaluable tools for DJs. Ricanstruction label founder and long-time champion of the good groove, Frankie Feliciano delivers a slick and faithful update of ‘Rude Movements’, with a slight Latin soul twist. Swedish mix-king OPOLOPO turns in a typically live-sounding, funky and dancefloor-ready jam (ready whenever the dancefloor is, anyway) The full, extended version of Moodymann’s remix retains the original ‘jammed’ feel of Rude Movements, adding stellar flute, sax and piano solos to that hypnotic vibe. Kenny Dope’s Afro-Latin inspired ‘Dancefloor Powder’ version is joined this time by a rough’n’ready, street tough ‘O’Gutta’ mix; calling all b-boys and b-girls! For the expanded digital package, we are also including a special edit by our sorely missed brother Phil Asher, created for his own DJ sets and now available to all.

Made famous by David Mancuso at his New York Loft Parties, ‘Rude Movements’ was an obscure Brit-funk b-side recorded in the home studio of Mike Collins. The track’s unique sound, coupled with pristine sonics and production values caught the audiophile ears of Mancuso, and the rest is history. Soon the track found its way into the hands of Loft Party denizens Larry Levan, Nicky Siano, Frankie Knuckles and Danny Krivit and continues to influence House and electronic producers through to this day.

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