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Spliff Jamz Vol.2

  • Cat No: SBJAMZ010
  • 2022-04-12


12inch ---- JPY

SLOTHBOOGIE RECORDINGS LTDからモスクワを拠点に、ヨーロッパで活動しているSCRUSCRU & MIKE FOTの「Spliff Jamz Vol.2」第2弾。2STEP、ブレイクス、各方面から絶賛のフィードバックも寄せられている話題作。

SlothBoogieを中心に2018年にOmena LTDやDeeppa Records等々で活躍しているSCRUSCRUと、MIKE FOTととの2度めのコラヴォレーション、Spliff Jamz 第2弾。ガラージ的アプローチ。A1はB-BOY&スリージーな2STEP、ブレイクを効果的に挟みながらあげていく。B-SIDE、ベースラインうなるサイファイジャズB1ベースが入るとダブ感増します。この中では異色となるB2「Bro'ccoli Lasagna」も良い。 (サイトウ)

Scruscru & Mike Fot return to SlothBoogie Recordings for the second instalment of their ‘Spliff Jams’ series, ‘Vol. 2’.

Scruscru and Moscow’s Mike Fot teamed up between 2018 and 2020 for a series of jam sessions at the latter’s apartment to record a bunch of music using a variety of Roland and Korg gear late into the night. Vol.1 was released on Sloth Boogie in September of 2021 and here the pair return to the label for the Vol.2 to kick start 2022.

‘k60k’ leads the release, fusing skippy garage beats, squelchy acid licks, oscillating keys and cut up vocals, ‘Enjoint’ retrains a similar aesthetic with a shuffled garage-tinged rhythm and amalgamation of chopped and pitched vocals snippets while a bumpy bass groove and warbling chord sequences further fuel the bouncy groove.

‘Hummus Dealer’ follows next on the flip side and shifts focus to swinging breakbeats, bubbling synths and hazy brass samples throughout. ‘Bro’ccoli Lasagna’ then rounds out the release, dropping the tempo to deliver an ethereal slice of downtempo goodness fuelled by off-kilter drums, snaking resonant synth lines and airy textures.

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