• 7inch

Trade of Hearts / Let Me Feel Your Charme

  • Cat No: PRS1011
  • 2023-10-24


7inch 1650 JPY


Daptoneの共同設立者であるGabriel RothがプロデュースしたサンディエゴのThee Sacred Souls。急遽ツアー用に用意された少量ロットの1stプレスは現地で即効に売切れとなり、ようやく正式リリースのプレスが入荷。 (AYAM)

Track List

  • A. Trade Of Hearts

  • B. Let Me Feel Your Charm

Let’s trade... love,” or so propositions Josh Lane into the waiting ears of a lover on the whispering intro of Thee Sacred Souls‘ latest offering. “Trade of Hearts” is a perfectly coquettish hand-held stroll in the vein of an early Marvin and Tammy duet, on which hearts are traded like so many kings and queens in a playful hand of lovers’ bridge. On the flip, Jensine Benitez dips in with a soaring refrain for the hook of a mid-tempo groover, calling upon a wanted one to let their charm be felt and heard. Without mercy, an infectious rhythm erases any space that might have remained between two dancing souls. The Souls have already captured the hearts of Southern California and beyond with their unique soul sound, at once raw and honey sweet, yet this freshest platter can only tighten that embrace. Hold your cards close, cause they’re playing for keeps!

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