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Waveforms #1

  • Cat No: Bosco049
  • Release: 2022-06-16


Digital 900 JPY

イタリアの人気テクノレーベル〈Bosconi〉 が90年代に活動したテクノデュオ、Scott JamesとChris Hayneによる"Sound Virus"の未発表トラックをリイシュー!

90Sテクノの再発が活発な昨今。92年にANDREW WEATHERALLの〈SABRES OF PARADISE〉からSYT名義でのリリース、〈LUX RECORDINGS〉を主宰するなど短期間ながら活発に活動していた"SOUND VIRUS"。オリジナル盤はDICOGSでも高値がつけられていて、最近だと〈LUX RECORDINGS〉から発表されたトラックのリイシューを〈MINT CONDITION〉が手掛け好評でした。今回〈BOSCONI〉からリリースされたのは、90年代にDATテープに録音された未発表トラック。レイヴやIDMのサウンドが中心の4トラック。中でもB2.MATTE (#7 MIX)は、タイトなUKハウスで非常にフロアユースでありながら、中盤にジャジーな展開へと変化してかっこいい(Sampe1)!要チェックです!! (Ashikaga) (12inchのコメントから参照)

Bosconi is arguably one of the most prolific labels in the Italian electronic music scene, always looking for freshness and innovation as well as undiscovered and rare gems thanks to the work of DJ and music researcher Fabio Della Torre. This time, Bosconi brings you to the special world of Sound Virus: the UK producer duo responsible for super rare EPs such as "Swir" and "Inverted Frequencies". These highly sought after records were released on their own imprint Lux recordings back in '95, and are about to get a repress on Mint Condition. But you know how things work with Bosconi, we always want to be on the forefront and we have got you 4 fresh and never released tunes: Scott James and Chris Hayne themselves recovered them from the very same 90's DAT tapes! Waveforms #1 EP opens up with with Wavey (Intro Mix): a 9 minute long sonic journey featuring a non stop subtle acid bassline and loopy bleepy synths, lifting off with ethereal pads and bringing you to fascinating proto trance landscapes: a pleasure for your ears and your deeper soul, that will keep you listening to this non stop. 808 state fans won't be disappointed.

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