• 12inch
  • Digital


  • Cat No: AWK004
  • Release: 2022-09-16


Digital 1000 JPY


J. Wiltshire、LarryやPugilistもリリースしてきたベルリンのレーベル〈Awkwardly Social〉の4作目。ブレイクス、halftime~ドラムン・ベースやダウンテンポ。オリジナル5曲に加えて、Hypercolourからデビュー、自身のSuper Hexagon Recordsを拠点に活動するベルリンのJ.Wiltshire Mixのミックスもドープ。ロンドンのベース、ブレイクス界隈でも話題を呼んだ一枚。 (サイトウ) (12inchのコメントから参照)

Track List

16bit/44.1khz [wav/flac/aiff/alac/mp3]

Our label is back and it's back with a bang! For the first time ever featuring 6 tracks on one release, we're delighted to present Azemad's "Afriki" EP. Showcasing his broad scope of influences and massive talent for melodic arrangements, the Berlin-based Egyptian producer and vocalist offers a record that is as wide ranging in style as it is evocative and emotionally intelligent.
Festive tribal drums meet moody rap verses, fat bouncy bass lines and dubbed out chords on this wonderful musical melting pot on wax. Whether you're in a Mahragan or Mawal spirit, Azemad caters for all needs and occasions, last but not least with the friendly help and assistance of J.Wiltshire's beautiful, aquatic bubbler of a remix on the flip.

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