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  • 2023-03-19


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〈Invisible City Editions〉から、オブスキュアなカナダの80sポスト・パンク、テクノポップTribal Earthの1983年のEP。

過小評価されてきた〈Invisible City Editions〉フェイバレット。カナダ人Michael Bennettを中心にしたバンドTribal Earthの83年のEPを40周年を記念してバイナル・リリース。電子音、トライバルな感覚、ニューウェイヴ、ユニークヴォーカル・スタイル、ミニマル・アンサンブル。かっこいい。 (サイトウ)

Tribal Earth is an ongoing project created by Canadian artist Michael Bennett. Tribal Earth's 1983 recording “Interaction/Reaction'' features a fusion of post-punk, DIY mutant wave and minimal synth-pop that is backed by infectious funk and dub elements alongside Linn Drum machine rhythms. Heavy basslines and synths swirl, stab, and ring alongside Bennett’s smooth vocal delivery into 3 timeless art-avant pop gems “Interaction/Reaction,” “Got to Move,” and “Who Are You (In the Movies).” This 40th anniversary edition is remastered directly from the master tapes and is a collaboration between Invisible City Editions and Michael Bennett. For fans of 99 Records, This Heat, and Lifetones. An underrated one of a kind IC fave. Limited Pressing.

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