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Avichrom Remixes(Acid Pauli,Etapp Kyle,Isolée,Aera)

  • Cat No: K7404EP
  • 2023-06-16


12inch ---- JPY

自然と音の探究を続けるテクノ・アーチスト、ドミニク・オイルベルクの楽曲のリミックスEPが!K7 Recordsからリリースされました。ACID PAULIのサイケデリック探求。

ベルリン自然保護博物館に勤める鳥類学者でもあり、自然と音の探究を続けるテクノ・アーチスト、ドミニク・オイルベルクの楽曲のリミックスEPが!K7 Recordsからリリースされました。エレクトロニックサウンド、テクノ・サイケデリックスを追求続けるAcid pauliを筆頭に、久々のアルバムをリリースした奇才Isolée、Applied MagicのArea、Ostgut Ton等でお馴染みのEtapp Kyleの豪華布陣。 (サイトウ)

A year on from Dominik Eulberg's glorious Avichrom album on !K7 Records, he has enlisted a new series of interesting remixes. Etapp Kyle, Isolée, Acid Pauli and Aera all step up for a fresh four-track EP which is out this Spring.

Avichrom was conservationist Eulberg's sixth studio album and another one inspired by his love of nature. Each track was named after a native German bird and offered a kaleidoscope of musical colour. Now that vivid source material gets reworked for the club by some of the underground's most revered names.

First up is Ukrainian producer Etapp Kyle, someone known for his elegant techno on labels like Ostgut Ton. In his hands, 'Gelbspötter' takes flight on airy synths and slick, paddy broken beats. They suspend you amongst the serene and painterly synths to make for a joyful trip. Minimalist house shamen Isolée is an intricate groove specialist at home on the likes of Pampa and Playhouse. He brings his mix of ambient melody and underlapping grooves to 'Grauspecht'. It's a deep, wavy and fluid track with ever-changing melody patterns and hypnotic bass.

Next comes Acid Pauli, the Ouïe co-founder and versatile live act who brings real artistry and influences way outside the dance music world to his own work. His take on 'Grauspecht' is a beautifully organic affair with late-night melodies unfurling like lullabies over supple and rubbery drums. It's dreamy and captivating and perfect for those zoned out 5 am dance floors. Last but not least is Innervisions-veteran Aera, a producer with a deft touch and knack for delicate but impactful groovers, as he proves here. His deep and cuddly remix of 'Schwarzhalstaucher' is a quiet triumph with the sort of subtly uplifting and innocent melodies you want to hear as the light peaks in through the curtains after an all-night dance.

All four of these remixes bring fresh perspectives to Dominik Eulberg's still standout originals.

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