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The Snoofer

  • Cat No: OATH002
  • 2023-10-18


12inch ---- JPY

Hidden Spheres、Seb Wildblood、Genius Of Timeなど読点でも人気のプロデューサーたちが名を連ねるイスタンブールのレーベルOath。ストックしています。2021年リリース。Moomin(Smallville)。incl. Seb Wildblood Rmx.

For the second release, Oath welcomes Berlin–based producer Moomin; who brings forward a three-track EP entitled ‘The Snoofer’. Alongside three original tracks, UK producer Seb Wildblood also provides a remix for ‘For Willow'.

The title track, ‘The Snoofer’, wades through squelching percussion and deep swinging grooves as underlying synth-lines remain marching alongside locked kicks and fluctuating bass.

Arriving at ‘For Willow’, Moomin delivers a hazy, serene Hang Drum melody that tumbles and fades away, opening space for wispy pads and steady drum furrows.

Multiple label head and mainstay UK producer, Seb Wildblood, known for his distinct house style; offers up a soothing remix for ‘For Willow’. Steeped in warmth, the track sways back and forth from the blanket of pads to the syncopated rhythms of the instrumentation.

For ‘Breathe’, we see Moomin layering arpeggios and live drum cadences that seem to melt and mould together, floating and falling yet unwavering and firm.

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