• LP (予約)

Rail Band

  • Cat No: MRI206lp
  • 2023-04-03


LP ---- JPY

マリ音楽史上最高峰名盤!なんと言ってもサリフ・ケイタとモリ・カンテというマリ音楽、いやワールドミュージック史上でもレジェンドの2人が在籍していたというRail Band!Syllart RecordsとDjelimady Tounkaraからのオフィシャルライセンス。1973年作品。

Track List

  • 1. Jurukan

  • 2. Marabayasa

  • 3. Bajala Malé

  • 4. Sunan

  • 5. Duga

  • 6. Tidiani Koné

  • 7. Nantan

  • 8. Moko Jolo

One of the greatest, heaviest, and hardest-to-find guitar records from 1970s West Africa, available on vinyl for the first time in over a decade!!! A product of Mali's golden age, "Rail Band" is a relentlessly soulful and hypnotic blend of American funk, jazz horns, and Afro-Cuban music, reflected through centuries-old Mandé tradition and blasted at top volume by some of the continent’s greatest artists.

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