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PEDRO AGUIAR Landscapes & Heartbreaks

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各方面から絶賛のフィードバックが寄せられてるDARKROOM DUBSのチルアウト・エレクトロニクス。

ポルトガル・リスボンのPEDRO AGUIAR。ELECTRONICA最盛期のAROVANE辺りも思わせるような情景的なエレクトロニック・サウンド。RARESHやCHRIS COCO,SETH TROXLER, RICHIE HAWTIN辺りもサポートする話題作。めちゃくちゃロウな「The Ceremony」や浮遊感のあるスピリチュアルな「Sacred Ritual」等々。クオリティー高い。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Western Digitalsample
A2.The Ceremonysample
A3.Hypnagogia (w/ Berllioz)sample
A4.Black Palm
B2.Sacred Ritualsample
B4.Fado Vadio
B6.Lost In You

Played & supported by:
Raresh, John Digweed, Seth Troxler, Magda, Richie Hawtin, Nick Warren, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Guy J, Joris Voorn, Hernan Cattaneo, Horse Meat Disco, DJ TLR, Denite, Moodymanc, Ethyl, Mr. G, Chris Coco, John Heckle, Dubspeeka, Alan Fitzpatrick, Agoria, Johanna Knutsson, Iron Curtis...
Selected Feedback: NYC - “It's an invigorating dubby delight; like going through a mountainside with no clear sightline. It's unpredictable and I like that it leaves me room to find my own path in its listening cycle.” 5/5
Mixmag (Germany) - “Great album! Black Palm is a fav!” Horse Meat Disco ? “Amazing!”
Nick Warren ? “More brilliance from Pedro!”
Raresh ? “Exquisite sound journeys... thanks!”
DJ TLR (Cre?me Organisation) ? “Promises to be the tensest flatbread meditation session I'll visit this month. Let the juices flow and the paint some pretty pictures with sound. 5 stars for Redemption!”
Seth Troxler ? “Extra special ? thanks!”
Danny Tenaglia ? “All sound great, thanks for this album!!!!”
Beat Selector (USA) - Assigned for review Beatselector Issue N°2 Summer 2015
Vicious Magazine ? “Excellent! Thanks” 5/5
The Ransom Note ? Track by track feature
Sub FM (UK) - “Very nice piece of work! Feeling ‘The Ceremony’. Great vibes. Amazing deep release! Support.”
Ibiza Global Radio ? “Simply sublime!!”
Ethyl ? “Pots of stuff on here that is up my street. Going to enjoy sinking into this one. Thanks.”
Chris Coco ? ““Experimental and atmospheric. Nice!!!”



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