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JASCHA HAGEN Pan That Shit Out

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10inchの匿名エディットで話題となったSHH EDITSに関わっているドイツのJASCHA HAGEN。 ライプチヒの〈KANN RECORDS〉のサブレーベルMAP.ACHE & SEVENSOLの二人が主宰する〈MANA ALL NIGTE〉の第1弾に登場!ジャングル・エキゾチカなスローダウン、マッドハウス・クルーズ! (サイトウ)

Mana All Night is another imprint of DJ duo MANAMANA. Next to their artist focused label KANN they are going to establish a new vinyl platform. As a long- term dynamic dj team composed of Map.ache & Sevensol both love to play extended long sets, that make room for dance music in all its facets. Mana All Night wants to represent all that kinds of up and downs that that completes a satisfying night. Nr.01 comes from Bremen and Leipzig based Jascha Hagen - an open minded bustling producer - who serves two thrilling beat down psycho-disco house killers. Read the package insert: best to use to grow up a party!



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