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MISTER SATURDAY NIGHT以降やL.A.のビートシーンにもつうじるような、カセット・シーン、スケーター世代のテクノ・アクト、SAGE CASWELL。フル・アルバム!

アナログなエレクトロニクス感とサイファイな独特の世界観を持つロサンジェルスのSAGE CASWELL。フルアルバム! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1 Ray of Light 95' sample
A2 Introduction to WS sample
A3 Danny's Telephone Voice sample
B1 Y'all sample
B2 All of Gardens sample
B3 Here We Guard Upon The Soul
C1 31514726 (Step 2) sample
C2 Joy Tel sample
D1 DYC sample
D2 Zora Scales (Step 1) sample

Spring Theory alumni Sage Caswell returns to the San Francisco-based label to deliver his debut album Hoop Earring. It's an enigmatic record that comes from the producer's own movement through personal transformation. It follows 2015’s 'Sleep Quarters', Caswell's introspective label debut, and offers 10 tracks spread out across two 12"s. Hoop Earring is heavily informed by surrealist visions and archetypal images from Caswell’s past that have crystallized within the context of this longplay album. Hoop Earring successfully paints images with broad brushstrokes and allegorical song titles that allows one to fill in fine details of a landscape built within the framework ten songs. “Ray Of Light 95’” alludes to a moment in time that smartly places you alongside an adolescent Caswell while songs like “Here We Guard Upon The Soul” land locks squarely in the middle with a poignant, nail-on-the-head statement. "Zora Scales (Step 1)" provides a focal reference to the fantasy world that this album might be the soundtrack to.



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