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BRATHA Topless Dancers

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THE ANALOGUE COPS RESTORATION RECORDSのLUCRETIOとMARIEUの二人と、レーベルZAIJENROOTSのMATT NOWAK aka NO MAD RONINのコラヴォレーション。この辺りもいい感じのパーティー感覚のダンストラックス。かっこいいです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Topless Dancers (7:17)sample
A2.Space Boogie (4:46)sample
B1.No Mad Ronins Death (5:28)sample
B2.Estate (5:04)sample

Bratha is the name of the Berlin based collaboration of Matt Nowak aka No Mad Ronin and The Analogue Cops aka Lucretio and Marieu. Their releases on their own label Bratha, on Voitax and on Restoration have quickly sold out without any mainstream promotion. “Topless Dancers” is their debut E.P. on Matt Nowak´s imprint Zaijenroots. As usual, this vinyl only release recorded at the Restoration Headquarters and mastered at Dubplates & Mastering, combines refined samples and quotes with extremely solid, pumpin´ beats and fat basslines. The grooves move smoothly from the metronomic dance attitude with a romanian touch -topless dancers- of the title track, to the wobbling “Estate", undergoing to the suspended, melancholic fluctuations of “Space Boogie” and the slow discoidish “No Mad Ronins death". This pumping EP for sure fills every dancefloor with a deep and smooth vibe of real underground dancemusic made in Berlin.



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