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GO DAM Alternate Dimensions E.P.

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話題を呼んだS.O.N.Sのダブルパックに続いて、韓国アンダーグラウンド注目のレーベル始動。BRAINDANCE。そのS.O.N.S (S.O.N.S)やJONNY NASH (MELODIES AS TRUTH)もサポートするRAWエレクトロGO DAM。アートワークには使用したEQUIPMENTが刻まれています。オールドスクールなサウンドの中に今のアーチストらしい哲学が垣間見れる。推薦! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Alternate Dimensions sample
B1. Stone Age Internet sample
B2. Dawn By The Fire sample

Braindance Records, Giving the Morning calm a Second Chance.

Having only appeared for a few live sets mainly dedicating himself to production, Go Dam, is a silent actor for the change in Seoul's music scene. With a diverse spectrum of influences and genuine love for alternative Electronic music, we are given a unique identity portrayed through his sound.

The “Alternate Dimensions E.P”, first output of the label, opens the doors to another dimension comprising of Electro infused melodies. Reminiscent of the mid-late 90’s UK intelligent techno-electro sounds it also combines heavy Detroit influences with a peculiar sonority that will invoke you into the story within the alternative soundscape.

Supported By: S.O.N.S (S.O.N.S), Jonny Nash (Melodies as truth)



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