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VARIOUS Dys Functional Electronic Music

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SHAPEDNOISE, ASCION,D. CARBONEによるレーベル〈COSMO RHYTHMATIC〉のサブレーベル〈REPITCH Recorings〉のレーベル5周年。エレクトロニック・ミュージックの先鋭アーチストが集ったコンピレーション・リリース。


▼ Tracklisting

A1. PINCH - No Justice (part 2) sample
A2. ASCION - Getaway Highway sample
A3. NUEL - Biopunk sample
B1. GALAXIAN - Show of Force sample
B2. DRVG CVLTVRE - Dead and Gone sample
C1. SHAPEDNOISE - 0.10Bhisdoi'Fioa sample
C2. CHRIS MOSS ACID - Catacid sample
C3. A.N.D. - TT2 sample
D1. GAJA - Any Expectation sample
D2. THE EXALTICS - Vierundvierzig sample
D3. SOTE - Operor sample
E1. SKUDGE - Buchla.M1000 sample
E2. MIKE PARKER - Ilium Sphere sample
E3. ASCION & D. CARBONE - Dritte sample
F1. ZENKER BROTHERS - Perainer sample
F2. D. CARBONE - Comma Wave sample

Dys Functional Electronic Music is a compilation release from Repitch Recordings, celebrating the label’s first five years. Its ambivalent title aims to represent the sonic behaviour of its content, often deviating from norms or distancing itself from common club functionalism. For this release, the 3 REPITCH masterminds Ascion, D. Carbone and Shapednoise are joined by a selection of the artists who contributed shaping the Repitch sound throughout the years, along with guests that inspired them in this adventure. During the past 5 years the main focus of the label was to set up a platform for experimentations across the dancefloor canon, establishing a standout musical identity. A spirit that resonates within each artist’s personal approach: from Ascion’s dark breakbeats to The Exaltics and AnD’s acid frontalism, Shapednoise’s brooding noise, Sote’s fractured rave, D. Carbone and Gaja’s intrusions into melody, Pinch and the Zenker Brothers’ dub-infused atmospherics, Skudge’s love of gloom and Nuel’s IDM-ish minimalism.



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