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DJ NEEWT Biotope Trax

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カセットやアナログでハードウェア、アナログ、LOW-FIなハウス、エレクトロを送り出してきたDJ SLYNGSHOT

JAPAN BLUESとの交流をへてEM RECORDSからのWICKED WITCHのリミックスにも参加したDJ SLYNGSHOTのレーベルYAPPIN'から、WICKED WITCHのリミックスでDJ SLYNGSHOTとともに名前がクレジットされていたDJ NEEWTの12インチ。ベース・ミュージックと、Y.M.O.や80sのエレクトロな感覚が出会った、エクスペリメンタル、でも緩んだユニークさのある一枚。推薦。 (サイトウ)

Yappin proudly present their latest EP, by DJ Neewt. He's been a Yappin co-operator for quite a while and is now supplementing the label music-wise, too, with some of his very own "fresh-out-the-box" MPC productions.

"Biotope Trax" features three tracks that instantly and unambiguously express Neewt's skill, establishing a very distinct style in sampling, programming, arranging and jamming in general, while retaining a certain diversity, infused with his broad variety of influences, from psychedelic, prog rock, krautrock, and a trailer load of underground sounds old and new.



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