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YOUNGG P Morning Smoke (feat Steve Murphy mix)

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ウクライナのモダンハウス・シーンから、レーベルKIEV HOUSE。YOUNGG P。STEVE MURPHYのリミックス週億収録です!

FLORIAN KUPFERやJ. ALBERTの変名GAZATECHをリリースしたモスクワの〈PRIVATE PERSONS〉からリリースしているウクライナのYOUNGG P。LO-FI RAW、ゆったり目のテンションで、こわれたトライバル感、狂気の境目が曖昧になっていくようなビューティフルなモーニング・チューン。オリジナル3 TRACKS +STEVE MURPHYのリミックス収録です。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Morning Smoke (6:09) sample
A2. Lame Fetish (9:40) sample
B1. Acid Tool (6:19) sample
B2. Morning Smoke (Steve Murphy Remix) (5:14) sample

As the Ukranian scene continues to blossom, Kiev House serves a vital role in bringing some of the most interesting lesser-known producers to the attention of the record buying public. On Morning Smoke, Youngg P demonstrates just how much scope for startling, fresh sounds can still be found in the house music formula. The title track is a full-bodied affair that uses crunchy drums and bloated bass to cut through billows of foggy pads. "Lame Fetish" meanwhile deals in a sprightly kind of broken beat and then "Acid Tool" works with playfully spooky themes to make for a brooding club workout. Steve Murphy's hazy remix of "Morning Smoke" is the perfect closer - as strung out a slice of house music as you could ever wish for.



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