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コズミック、アフリカン・ニューエイジなB-SIDEも最高!MUSIC FROM MEMORYなんか追ってる人にも推薦!

MINISTRY OF POPからリリースしている現行のイギリスのデュオらしいです。パリのPLAISIR PARTAGEからSHELTERの2作目。 (サイトウ)

Shelter is a young french producer based in Paris, he released edits on Mellah, Edits du Plaisir and Edits du Golem and production on Plaisir Partagé, Uber and International Feel in the same serie that Jan Schulte or CFCF in just 2 years.He s graphist designer for Plaisir Partagé. BANZAWA is the new shelter, a 2 tracks Ep focing on Balearic and eletronic music, but influenced by Italo House and Zouk. he composed with Roland TR 707 and Korg M1. Bazawa, the A side, is a journey into a mysterious jungle in a european night club in the 90 s, the kind of underground italian sound with a beautiful ushuaia flute catchy bassline. this is a travel invitation, between Trance, house, and new age, a balearic meditation for dancing.The B side is Pickolo, a jumping track, where Marimba and whistle gives the full cadence of the song, a mix of nice melody and afro rhythm, a jungle by day, cute and animated. For the same price, Shelter proposes two different mood, two different vison of house music, two different way for dancing.



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