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LE FRERE Slow Glass

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スイスのHOVEが中心になったアンビエント~ニューエイジ、バレアリックの流れを組むレーベル〈LIGHT OF OTHER DAYS〉から、レーベルの運営にも関わるLE FRÈREデビューEP。じっくりマジカルで素晴らしい世界が広がる。クレイジーなミニマル・シンセウェイヴ「Nttt8」(sample3)も含めて推薦盤です。

〈MUSIC FROM MEMORY〉やLEXX達とも繋がる、スイス、チューリッヒのDJ QUESTIONMARK/HOVEと共に〈LIGHT OF OTHER DAYS〉を運営するGeorg MunzのプロジェクトLE FREREのデビューEP。フィールドレコーディングも交えながら、シンセサイザー、ゆったりとスローモーションなサウンドスケープを中心に、捻れたシンセサイザー、ユニークなリズム感、ミステリアスなモードのシンセウェイヴ/エレクトロのラスト「Nttt8」(sample3)もかっこいい! (サイトウ)

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Slow Glass is not only the debut release by Le Frère it is also a very personal diary of the last two years of his life. All four tracks are based on recordings, samples and ideas he collected while travelling the world. With the concept of "Slow Glass" in mind Le Frère tried to catch moments of his life without stripping them of their dynamic and evanescence.

The EP starts with lots of positive energy and light but already reveals glimpses of the shadows that slowly emerge throughout the following tracks. "Nice" is a lightly humming version of an (almost) innocent summer morning. It's a collage of field-recordings, synth-pads and manipulated guitar sounds. "Candid" is a light and open dialog between a simple guitar theme and a playful synth-arpeggio. "V1b1n'" creates the dense atmosphere of a rainy Caribbean afternoon dominated by field recordings and everyday noises. "Nttt8"sets a counter point to the previous three tracks as the energy of Le Frère's travels cumulates in "Nttt8", making it a more dance-floor oriented piece carried by a dark and heavy bass-line and almost rave-sirens.



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