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KATE NV Для = For

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〈Orange Milk Records〉からのNV名義でのリリースが話題となったモスクワのKATE NVが〈RVNG INTL.〉からアルバム・リリース!

モスクワの女性プロデューサーKATE NV。VISIBLE CLOAKSよりもアナログな感触、ニューエイジ、ミニマル・ミュージックやサティの「家具の音楽」の影響が背後にあるような、細野晴臣が80年代に手掛けたTESTPATTERNやINTERIORSにもつうじる構築のユニークさで魅せる独特の世界観がうかがえます。ロシア語の3文字と英語の3文字で構成されたタイトルの10の楽曲。耳に楽しい推薦盤です! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Уxo = Ear (4:49)sample
A2.Двa = Two (1:36)
A3.Дуб = Oak (4:00)sample
A4.Как = How (4:27)sample
A5.Вас = You (3:45)
B1.Раз = One (2:50)
B2.Жук = Bug (4:16)
B3.Зря = See (4:58)sample
B4.Пес = Dog (3:28)sample
B5.Кто = Who (3:11)

Over the ten, symmetrical pieces of для FOR, Kate NV scores her native Moscow environment with just enough whimsy to gurgle through the cracks and grow psychotropic foliage. Each sound assumes its own personality, moving through the album metropolis like miniature, malleable mutants viewed from NV's apartment window. Kate NV is a versatile artist that maneuvers instinctively in whatever musical environs she finds herself. NV's second solo album is an even more abstract endeavor than the hybrid pop of 2016's Binasu (Orange Milk Records). Inspired by casual moments of ephemeral sound from within and beyond her apartment walls, the record has a clarity arrived altogether and from right under her nose, as if the music was not written by herself, but her chair. для FOR inhabits a stage that Piero Milesi & Daniel Bacalov, Ann Southam, or Hiroshi Yoshimura may have written music for and dresses it with Viktor Pivovarov's psychedelic depictions of Moscow - contorting bodies and flying pencils dance with subtle arpeggiations and anthropomorphic MIDI. Each piece is an alien arrangement of common elements that extend the everyday ritual into an eternal landscape of unconscious activity. Somewhere along that landscape, Kate awaits with apples for hands and fish for feet.



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