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RAMZi Phobiza Vol. 3: Amor Fati

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RAMZi - Phobiza Vol. 3: Amor Fati : LP

【追加分入荷しました】バンクーバーの才女RAMZiの新作。TOTAL STASISからの1番、MOOD HUTからの2番に続く「Phobiza」シリーズの第3弾!ねじれた奇妙な世界がたのしい。

〈RVNG INTL./COMMEND〉, 〈1080P〉〈12TH ISLE〉等からもカセット、アナログリリースしてきたRAMZiことPHOEBÉ GUILLEMOT。「Phobiza」シリーズ新作第3弾。自身でスタートした〈FATI RECORDS〉からの最初のリリースとしてアナログリリース。REGULARFANTASYやHASHMAN DEEJAYたちバンクーバーの仲間達もゲスト参加、今回も奇妙なエキゾチカ、LO-FI HOUSE、ハードウェアのダンスユニークなサウンドスケープとダンス音楽。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Bibwel Intro sample
A2. Ya Chaki sample
A3. Piton sample
A4. Sunshini sample
A5. Mui Chubbi sample
A6. Det Calash sample
B1. Tourtou sample
B2. Evora sample
B3. Coeur Cassé sample
B4. Oxum sample
B5. Warhasu sample

In the third of the 'Phobiza Trilogy' we are invited through the ethereal haze that separates our world from RAMZi's flourishing Kindom. Guided always by the deity's music, we are given passage through the arcane archipelago that RAMZi calls home, a place where animals, children and wild spirits share territories and cooperate in harmony in their plight to protect these ancient islands from the ceaseless threat of the Great Grey Invasion.
With the night closely following us, we are welcomed to these lands in dusk's light, with the warm tones of 'Bibwel' (featuring Asaël Robitaille on synth) carrying us across 11 different islets, all with unique climates, flora and fauna. After travelling for many a sunrise and sunset we take pause at mid day on 'Det Calash' isle (with some beats provided by Regular Fantasy). We ending our journey with a final sunset, this time on the foggy island of 'Warhasu' (recorded on Vancouver Island with Hashman Deejay).
Amor Fati (meaning "Love of fate" or "Love of one's fate" in latin) comes as the inaugural release on Phoebé's own FATi Records and is the new nesting place for RAMZi and it's extended family. The record ends the 'Phobiza' story, following 'Phobiza Dia' on Total Stasis and 'Phobiza Noite' on Moodhut.



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