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New Los AngelesとMeraki Tapesからカセットリリースをしていたフロリダの才能GHOST MCGRADY。HOUSE SHOESがフック。アナログリリース!ジャジーでLO-FI、ルーディーでありながら、スピリチュアルな領域、ニューエイジともいえるようなディープな音世界。トリップホップ。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. LSD Reponsibility
A2. Coffeepot
A3. Landline
A4. Dissociate
A5. Ocean Patterns
A6. skip this track
B1. Dizzying (Smoke Break)
B2. Parks & Shit
B3. Waiting For It All To End
B4. Last Pieces To The Puzzle
B5. Pull The Strings
B6. The Last Song I'll Ever Make

Originally hailing from Florida, Ghost McGrady headed out west and posted up in Koreatown, Los Angeles where neighbors and police frequently complained of a loud smell and an even louder stereo system blaring the wide spectrum of vivid sounds that would ultimately come to form the beats throughout this album. This is a collection of songs composed over the past four years (2014-2018) that form one coherent thought: Believe. Each beat was created with an open mind and a 'fuck the popular sound' mentality that comes from years upon years of sample chopping and sound design experience dating back to Ghost McGrady's genesis at age 11 in his darkened bedroom.

Believe is the consequence of House Shoes discovering Ghost at a local event and building a relationship that culminated in Shoes curating this album using brand new tracks & material that had previously been heard in various internet locations. To have these heavily textured songs that were once made in a dim lit, lonely, and depressing apartment be heard on vinyl is simultaneously a dream fulfilled and the perfect medium for their expression.



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