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CERI I Need You to Make Me Sweat EP w/ Mr G Remix

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BEN UFOやMIDLAND,MOVE Dもプレイし話題を呼んだ第1弾に続く、ロンドンの女性DJ/プロデューサーCERIのニューシングル。これはかっこいい!

現行のロンドンらしいドープベースライン、ヴォイスループ、オールドスクールな感じと、UKG以降なハウスグルーヴ、アフリカンな感じも潜んでるような「Need You」。ベテランMR.Gの「Jaded Dub Mix」と、もうひとつのオリジナルdjmagのPREMIREにもピックアップされた「Sweat」もばっちりかっこいい。 Fred P, K-HAND, Paranoid London, Steve O'Sullivan, Tristan Da Cunha, Ryan Elliot等々アーリーサポート。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Need Yousample
A2.Need You (Mr. G's Jaded Dub)sample

The latest slab from Dutch delights SlapFunk sees a return from regular contributor Julian Alexander. Since he was last on the label, Alexander has been teaming up with Blind Box Series and Rawax, but he comes back home with an assured six track EP that highlights his continued progression as a producer. The release is bookended by short but immersive ambient cuts, with the primary focus being four forthright minimal house burners that continue the fine tradition of SlapFunk as a whole. From the snaking beat and cheeky b-line of "Nibyc" to the hard-stepping thrust of "Asco 52," there is plenty here for fans of the label's sound to lap up.



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