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LEGION 808 Tombouctou Crisis EP

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インディペンデントなインダストリアル/SYNTH WAVE痺れる一枚。〈UNKNOWN PRECEPT〉からパリのニューアーティスト。LEGION 808。

マーク・スチュワートやイアン・カーティスを思わせるようなディレイド・ヴォーカル、ハードウェアのRAWなアナログシンセ、ドラムマシーンに、テープエコーやテープエディット的な感じも伺えるような、ビザール・グルーヴ。DIYなところから産まれた最高な音楽。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Cigarette Greatest Hits (4:34)sample
A2.Roller Looper Conveyor (4:14)sample
A3.Rigolocoaster (2:55)sample
B1.Daniel Adore (4:21)sample
B2.OK If I Do Enough (3:27)sample
B3.Por Qué Te Vas (5:23)sample

Long time kept in the pipelines, we are proud to welcome the discreet, although agitated newcomer Legion 808 conveying his debut vinyl release on the label. Composed while stuck in some kind of hallucinated trance, his mind and body cemented behind the four walls of his Parisian apartment, the Frenchman ultimately unleashes a scathing first entry into his discography. Taking the shape of a vicious six track mini-album, long brewed with ruthless humor, oozing fever and nervous breakdowns, 'Tombouctou Crisis' feels as vigorous as a slap in the face. Making up for some of the best industrial bedroom music we've heard as of late, he always manages to find his way back to the surface throughout the many layers of bizarre grooves and caustic humor, zealous snare attacks and strange nursery rhymes. Only to uncover a depressurized atmosphere of sorts; from which a strong smell of burned asphalt never gets off your clothes.



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