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〈MUSIC FROM MEMORY〉でお馴染みのアムステルダムのRED LIGHT RECORDSがディストリビュートするニューレーベル〈SOUTH OF NORTH〉の再発が話題となったRONALD LANGESTRAATの発掘音源第2弾!BOZ SCAGGSの人気曲「LOWDOWN」のカバーを含む数珠の素晴らしい音源。

オランダの〈SOUTH OF NORTH〉から、レーベル第1弾リリースだった見逃されていたアーチストRONALD LANGESTRAATのさらなる音源の発掘。1986年から、1992年の間にアムステルダムのAPOLLO HOTELのラウンジで、多い時には週に5日、一日5時間演奏を続けていた頃に残した録音と、ホームレコーディングで、近しい人にのみ配ったというCDBOXから、RED LIGHTのAbel NagengastとレーベルのDominik Rodemannがセレクト。レーベル第2弾としてリリースされました。リズムボックスとアメイジングなシンセ、鍵盤ワーク、繊細なヴォーカル。「Lowdown」やSNATANA、DAVID SYLVIANの 「オルフェウス」と自作の曲。DIYエレクトロニックソウル。数珠の素晴らしい音源です。 (サイトウ)

"Apollo" is a compilation of an Apollo Hotel CD box, that Ronald made himself, for family and friends.

From 1986 until 1992, Ronald had a residency in the lounge of Amsterdam’s Apollo Hotel. He would play there 5 days a week, for 5 hours a day. In 1991, throughout several sessions, he recorded himself on a cassette recorder. The recordings were ranging from re-interpreted cover versions to multiple own compositions.

The Apollo was particularly known for its sophisticated and elegant crowd. Guests would come to meet in the lounge to talk business, or end the day with a drink at the bar - dancing was never an option.

Listening to the album, one must wonder how some of this music would go hand in hand with a place like that. It seems Ronald gets lost in music and returns in unequally balanced patterns. Lounge sounds meet drum computer rhythms, punchy baselines, distorted space noises, reoccurring clarinet interludes and improvised piano solos.

Back then, just as now, Ronald never liked to be the center of attention. He simply tried to interact with the surrounding as a provider of the mood - as he explains himself.

Live: Grand Piano, Yamaha QX1 Sequencer, 2x Yamaha TX7 Tone Generator, Drumtraks Sequential Circuits, Clarinet, Voice
Added at home: Yamaha DX7 Sounds, Roland R-8
Space Train: Kurzweil Piano, Yamaha DX7, Roland R-8, Soprano Sax, Voice



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