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THE LOCAL BEATNIK Kirkstall Delight EP

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ロックや、ワールド、ソウル。コズミック、バレアリック、ブレイクビーツなんかのごった煮なダンス・カルチャー、SUNDAY BESTやアーリー・ゴアなんかの伝統を組むようなレフトフィールドなサイケデリックダンス! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Mountain Walksample
B2. Eastern Dishsample

All aboard the Beyond Paradise escape capsule, as they throw down with a four-track trip of cosmic chuggers from The Local Beatnik.

‘Mountain Walk’ opens up proceedings, a weighty chugfest that stomps through the undergrowth. Tripped out vocals, throbbing bass synths and mystic wobbles, all venturing out of the interstellar jungle. Turning the corner, psychedelic new wave guitars, entrancing drum loops and lustful French phrases meld together for ‘Eskase’, causing kaleidoscopic swirls as far as the eye can see.

Flip it to take a trip to the Far East for ‘Travel’, getting lost along the way and wandering into a parallel universe where sci-fi, synth wielding robots dominant the dancefloors, drum machines are fed acid and disorientated travellers are captured for their musical knowledge. Out of their grasp and heading to relative safety, you stumble across a delectable ‘Eastern Dish’. One fork full, then two, spiced just right and you’re hallucinating to the space-age synths and percussive treats that follow. Sitars flow with steelpans offering a suitably immersive closer for this standout E.P. from The Local Beatnik.

Early support:
Andrew Weatherall, Justin Robertson, Luke Unabomber, Bill Brewster, DJ Kaos, Thomas Bullock.



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