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カルト90s。PPUファンにも推薦の〈EMOTIONAL RESCUE〉が再発した「Passion」を含む、個性派シンガーとアメイジングシンセサイザーのインディペンデント・ハウス、シンセポップ。中古市場でも高値をつけていた90年リリースのレアなアルバムが再発です!

音楽家、写真家や映像作家、グラフィックデザイナーで形成されているスエーデンの〈MUTUAL INTENTIONS〉から、DIYな90sシンセサイザーポップ、話題となっていて一枚がアナログ再発! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.So Many Times (3:02)sample
A2.Out Of My Mind (3:33)sample
A3.Passion (3:28)sample
A4.Peace At Last (3:26)sample
B1.The Girl Who'll Play Heather In The Film Of My Life (2:59)sample
B2.Trouble & Pain (3:35)sample
B3.The Man I Feel (3:23)sample
B4.Day 67 (2:45)sample

High quality 45 RPM laquer cut LP with exclusive studio photos from the 80’s on inner sleeve Mutual Intentions is proud to reissue the ultra rare 4AM album from UK. An album that should easily appeal to the collectors that fell in love with the releases of Jeff Phelps, Patrick Cowley, Ronald Langestraat and Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Vito Ricci, Spontaneous Overthrow, Steve Elliott, Cleo McNett & Chasman Genre: Proto-house, electro-soul, jazz-funk Tracklist LP: A01 - So Many Times A02 - Out Of My Mind A03 - Passion A04 - Peace At Last B01 - The Girl Who’ll Play Heather In The Film Of My Life B02 - Trouble And Pain B03 - The Man I Feel B04 - Day 67 Short Info: In 1989, Steve Kirby and Kevin Finch recorded the 4AM project which they pressed privately on vinyl, limited to 300 copies which sold out quickly to friends and family in the UK upon the albums release. The balearic master piece is a wild and funky 40 minute travel through home made, british synth-pop, electro-jazz, spacey computer funk and proto house cuts with AOR-y vocals put together in the Susurreal studio by Steve Kirby and Kevin Finch in 1989.



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