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追加プレス到着しています。THOMAS BULLOCK(RUB'N'TUG)のエイリアスTOM OF ENGLANDがL.I.E.S.からアルバム・リリース!

THE TRILOGY TAPESからのカセット、自主のSTD Productionからリリース。昨年Joy OrbisonとWill Bankheadが主宰するHinge FingerからもリリースしたChebon LittlefieldとのプロジェクトTOM OF ENGLAND名義。50本のみのカセットで先行リリースされた「SEX MONK BLUES」がL.I.E.S.からの新作!Rene love aka BobbieMarieがヴォーカル、EDDIE RUSCHAや、一曲ドラムDJ HARVEYが叩いたりと(最高!)、友人たちゲスト参加しています。このヴォーカルの人の謎のキャラ、ロマンティック、シューゲイズ、NO WAVE、ジャンク。上昇、飛翔、ねじれを往き来するサイケデリックサウンド。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.In Your Townsample
A2.Sniffin At The Griffinsample
A3.Neon Greensample
B1.Be Mesample
B2.Song Of The Sex Monksample

Exploring a beautiful grey area somewhere between P.I.L., Arthur Russell, and downtown New York grit of old, the storied Tom of England (Thomas Bullock) comes forth with his epic debut long player "Sex Monk Blues".

Mr. Bullock has been in the trenches for a long time now as a member of Tonka Hi-fi in England, Wicked Sound System in San Francsico, and lastly the back room viking disco duo Rub n Tug in New York City. Somewhere during this all he made a record for Rough Trade, produced records for Map of Africa (with DJ Harvey) and The Laughing Light of Plenty and wrote a definitive book about Mezcal all whilst touring the world.

As touring grew tiresome priorites refocused and Thomas slowly pieced together the parts of what he wanted to become his debut solo album. In partnership with singer Bobbie Marie and studio engineer Chebon Littlefield we now see this come to fruition with these six tracks, futuristic, classic, danceable, and yes, unclassifiable Sex Monk Blues is what's going on.

Sex Monk Blues Recorded in NYC by Thomas Bullock and Chebon Littlefield. All lyrics and vocals by Rene Love. All music and instruments by Thomas Bullock and Chebon Littlefield except electric bass by Ed Ruscha, saxophone by Gabe Druzzi, and kick drum on Be Me by Harvey Bassett. Mixed by Thomas Bullock and Chebon Littlefield at All Bright Electric NYC. Mastered by Josh Bonati



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