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SILVESTRE Is Boss EP (D.K. mix)

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推薦盤です。じっくりどうぞ。〈SECRETSUNDAZE〉から、SILVESTREのニューシングル。ミッドテンポ、エレクトロニックファンク、エディットやミニマル、電子音楽の魅力が詰まった冒頭の曲筆頭にブレイクビート、90s RAVE、ユニークなEP。D.K.のリミックスも収録しています。

リスボン出身、A Taut LineのDISKTOPIAからのリリースや自身のレーベルPADRE HIMALAYAも立ち上げ活動してきたSILVESTREがSECRETSUNDAZE MUSICから。ドープなミッドテンポから、歪んだ音像と、パワフルなグルーヴのA2「Lights」や、スローハードコアな「Back To Hometown」やユニークなブレイクビート「Paying The Rent 」等々。D.K.のリミックスもばっちり良いです。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Jumping Introsample
B1.Paying The Rentsample
B2.Fuego (D.K. Remix)sample
B3.Back To Hometownsample

The re-launched Secretsundaze label continues to spread it's wings with the signing of Lisbon born, London based Silvestre.The push and pull of influences from his own and adopted countries have combined to find him a unique sound that embraces rap, R&B, reggaeton as well as breaks and woozy pads from UK hardcore and house. Mixing samples, his own voice and continuing the fusion of reggaeton and breakbeat/techno from previous releases, the Silvestre Is Boss EP aims for a hazy vibe.AAAs Silvestre explains: The pad and synth choices on this EP are picked specifically to sound dreamy, a dream where you arrive at the club but the party is already finished, which sucks." Silvestre began making his name in 2015 with his first release on the Diskotopia label from Tokyo and followed that up with appearances on Creme Organization and Paraiso. He then dropped the killer 'All The Things' EP of mid-tempo party bangers on his own Padre Himalaya label which reached the top 30 of Phonica's illustrious Singles of the Year list. The Silvestre Is Boss EP is his strongest work to date with 5 tracks of quality floor and headphone directed material that perfectly balances the need for playful melody and harmony with tough grooves and synthetic ambience. Drafted in on remix duty is Secretsundaze fave D.K. (Antinote records) who takes EP heater 'Fuego', dialling down the breakbeats for a smoother trip.



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