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ANNJET & NEWBORN JR Modern Ways Of Treating Insomnia

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ANNJET & NEWBORN JR - Modern Ways Of Treating Insomnia : LP


EARTH TRAXやPHANTOM、PTAKIで活動するBARTOSZ KRUCZYŃSKIとのデュオで、〈RHYTHM SECTION INTERNATIONAL〉や〈PHONICA〉、〈SHALL NOT FADE〉からリリースをしているNEWBORN JR.ことADAM BROCKIが女性シンガーANNJETとのコラヴォレーションでアルバムリリース。「不眠症の治療のための今日的方法」と題されたダビーでアトモスフェリックなモダンファンク、シネマティックなレイドバックサウンド。ユニークな音の世界。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Pharrellyzed sample
A2. To Nie Jest Fajne sample
A3. At Poppa-Cabana sample
A4. Washing Machine Dub sample
B1. Smooth Summer sample
B2. Le Rayon Vert sample
B3. Ocean Edition sample
B4. In the Nap Zone feat. Agata sample

Dreamy Diary of an Enchanting Duo

‘Modern Ways of Treating Insomnia’ is a sonic journal that chronicles how the lives of Annjet and Newborn Jr. gradually become intertwined.

While the latter already has a record of solid releases (Phonica, Rhythm Section, Rekids, Dopeness Galore) among which several with collaborator and friend Earth Trax, we’ve only recently been introduced to Annjet’s mesmerizing vocals through the moody burner ‘If You’ (Shall Not Fade).

Modern Ways of Treating Insomnia, however, is an interaction between Annjet and Newborn Jr. without any preset set roles or rituals. Much like our real-life experiences of companionship, the record shows an interplay between two individuals while we witness them explore the world and its horizons on a shared wavelength.

The record’s atmospheric dub influences and laidback breaks are bound to incite some memories of Massive Attack and Morcheeba etched into our minds, though the enchanting story of Annjet and Newborn Jr. sounds like one that will survive its time.

Dopeness Galore is proud to work with another outburst of the Warsawian gang



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