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LOU HAYTER Cherry On Top

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UKのリイシュー専科<BE WITH>があらたにスタートさせた、良質なポップミュージックを紹介する<BE POP>シリーズの第1弾は、センセーショナルヒット”ICE CREAM”をひっ提げ<TIRK>からデヴューした、インディ・ディスコロック・バンド・NEW YOUNG PONY CLUBの元メンバーである女性シンガーソングライター・LOU HAYTERのソロEPが登場!

NYPC脱退後は、フレンチ・エレクトロポップ老舗デュオ「AIR」の片割れ・JEAN-BENOÎT DUNCKELとのプロジェクト・TOMORROW'S WORLDや、THE NEW SINSなどのユニットでの活動をこなしてきたイギリスの女性シンガー・LOU HAYTERによるソロシングル!BEYOND THE WIZARD'S SLEEVEとのユニット・CIRCLE SKYの活動で知られるMARTIN DUBKAをプロヂューサーに迎え、ブリージンなギターが鳴きむせぶ爽快なモダンファンク〜エレクトロニック・ポップなバレアリック・チューン”Cherry On Top”を披露!インストゥルメンタル&アカペラも収録、MIDNIGHT RUNNERSやSOCIAL LOVERほか、ベイエリアのブギーファンク周辺のファンにもお薦めです。 (DNT)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Cherry On Top (Full Length Version) sample
B1. Cherry On Top (instrumental Version) sample
B2. Cherry On Top (A Cappella Version) sample

We love pop music. You’ve probably noticed. Witness our vinyl love-ins with Kylie, Róisín and Cassie if this has somehow passed you by. So when Lou Hayter (London-based musician, style-DJ to the stars, one of our besties) asked us to put her sumptuous funk-lite hit “Cherry On Top” on vinyl it felt like a neat fit. But this isn’t just any old Be With record. We decided such a monumental track would make the perfect inaugural release on Be Pop, our new, most likely sporadically active, side-label.

For those not paying attention in 2005, Lou Hayter was the keyboardist in Mercury nominated electro-pop outfit New Young Pony Club (who were a really good band, beyond the hype, and arguably a little ahead of their time) and she is currently one half of electronic duo Tomorrow’s World, a project with Air’s Jean-Benoît Dunckel. Her comeback single “Cherry On Top” originally appeared in late October 2018, but as a digital only concern. Unsurprisingly it caused a blog stir (Gorilla vs Bear correctly gushed) and what seemed like 6 Music’s entire roster of DJs had it on repeat.

But it’s not a proper single unless you can buy it in a record shop. So accordingly we’ve issued it as a full picture sleeve 12″, pressed on white vinyl. And just to make certain, the instrumental and a cappella are on the flip. This is our homage to the classic dance/pop 12″ singles of the late 80s and early 90s.

Riding an infectious sample of Marc Jordan’s yacht-rock classic “Generalities”, it’s a glistening, sun-soaked daydreamy jam, perfect for convertibles, pool parties, and roller-discos. It’s quite delicious. Whilst it’s pop without question, it wouldn’t be a Lou Hayter track without ice-cool nods to other magical genres; with Italo flec



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