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近年のベース以降のイギリスのテクノシーンを牽引してきた一人、〈50WEAPONS〉,〈R&S〉からリリースしてきたBENJAMIN DAMAGEが〈FIGURE〉からシングル・リリース!

Len FakiのFIGUREX08「Robot Evolution Remixes」でリミキサーに起用されリードトラックとして参加した12インチに続いて、BENJAMIN DAMAGEが〈FIGURE〉からソロ12インチをリリース。FIGUREマナーなハードヒットなリズム&ベースで幕開け、クラシカルなストリングスシンセや電子音で拡張する「Surge」やアーリーWONKYな感じで攻める「Not Coming In」、ヒプノティックな「Ripple」、「Pressure」。4 TRACKS EP。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Surge sample
A2. Not Coming In sample
B1. Ripple sample
B2. Pressure sample

Following his remix of Len Faki on FIGUREX08, Benjamin Damage now fully signs for an EP with the label. Here he shows just what is defining his sound as a singular artist.

Known for weaving together the various threads in UK club music, this EP is tied it all up together. There‘s the rolling sound, so deep and dramatic, the signature that first got him credited. Then the record picks up old themes of early Bass music, playing wonky horns and nodding respect to South London‘s burrows.

On the flip we get treated to a more dreamy and introspective side of Damage‘s sound, one genuinely exploring the melodic trope, yet without losing the steady groove forward. Finally closing the EP out with a mighty roar, the ultimate track is bellowing and bustling with rhythms, like a beast of creativity trying to break loose.



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