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TCB Primal Astrology

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THE CITIZEN'S BAND,CB FUNKとしてレジェンダリー・ダブ・ディスコ〈BRONTOSAURUS〉や〈LIVE AT ROBERT JOHNSON〉 ,〈DIE ORAKEL〉等々でリリースしてきたベテランChristian Beißwengerが、〈ESP INSTITUTE〉からニューシングル。

昨年ROMAN FLÜGEL達と参加したクロアチアの〈HOUSE IS OK〉のオムニバスへの参加以来、単独リリースとしては2015年以来となるリリース。モジュラーなエレクトロニックが織りなす、レゲエをベースにしたダビーでアブストラクトなサウンド。スローモー、ハーフステップ6 TRACKSのミニアルバム。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A3.Past One-Twentysample
B1.Wet FXsample
B2.Help For Peoplesample
B3.Primal Astrologysample

TCB aka Chris Beißwenger, our boy on Jah bless road, goes a little something like: 1977, born cross-eyed, parents like Boney M; 1984, suburbia USA, DSNY, still cross-eyed; 1988, 98.7 Kiss FM New York on the school bus radio; 1989, Frankfurt Am Main, hyperactive, outsider, got lazered; 1991, drums and piano in cheesy school band; 1993, kicked out of Omen, kicked out of school band; 1994, kicked out of Omen again, got his own band; 1995, kicked out of band, finally in at Omen, The Box, Wild Pitch Club; 1996, got first car, Fasttracker, EMU ESI-32; 1999, no more car, no more Omen, Robert Johnson instead; 2002, first release, High Tide; 2003, Ableton 0.1 Beta, less MIDI, more gefrickel; 2004, exchange High Tide for CB Funk, kicked out of Cocoon; 2005, a silly move to Düsseldorf, Burkina Faso, more synthesizers; 2006, again silly in Düsseldorf, Brontosaurus, disco-house, love; 2007, Cologne and Frankfurt, back to piano, more love, still no car; 2008, with love to Frankfurt, Arto Mwambe on the road, storyteller; 2009, Mwambe still on the road, bored of work; 2010, Live At Robert Johnson, four-day week (thank God), four bike accidents; 2011, Europe, bored of piano, invention of The Citizen’s Band; 2012, modular cookery, thoughts of moving; 2013, Burkinian's death, Delphi's rise, almost made it, 2014, broke out of seven-year cycle to[o] complicate[d] being, TCB; 2015, floor-clearing/career-ending Boiler Room set; 2016, busy doing soundtracks, work overload; 2017, missed the summer hit, wait till next year; 2018, BWL gone live, MoMoMo at Amp, hot in May; December 2019, completed and released album of dubs for ESP Institute, 'Primal Astrology'; 2020, spliffs ignited, world excited.



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