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TERRY FOXが約33mのピアノ線を使い、電子機器は全く使わずに(!)制作し1982年にリリースされたファーストアルバムがアメリカ〈SUPERIOR VIADUCT〉のサブレーベル〈ÉTATS-UNIS〉より40年越しの再発!知らずに聴けばアヴァンギャルドな電子音作と思っても不思議ではないもの。驚きです!

同レーベルから同時に発売されたELLEN FULLMANはピアノ線を長く引き伸ばし、松脂を塗った指で弦を滑らせながら演奏しふくよかな煌く倍音を聴かせていきますが、TERRY FOXは同じピアノ線でもやはり表現は全く違います。A面ではチェロを使ったようなドローンが、ELIANE RADIGUEのピュアさ不穏さを兼ね合わせた素晴らしいテープフィードバックサウンドを連想させます。その後に優しいタッチでリズミックに倍音を響かせ、それがだんだんとワイルドに弦を震わせていきます。続くB面(sample1)ですが、弦の揺れる残響音が本当に驚き。完全に電子機器を使ったエコーサウンド。かなり長いピアノ線だからこそ生まれるアコースティックで美しい響き。 (日野)

Terry Fox was a first generation Bay Area conceptual artist. Beginning in the 1970s, he worked extensively with sound, especially the use of piano wires detached from their native instrument and anchored between opposing walls of the performance space.

Linkage, Fox's first album, was originally released in 1982 to accompany an installation at Kunstmuseum Luzern in Switzerland. The record would mark Fox's first attempt to realize his groundbreaking and visceral piece "Berlin Wall Scored for Sound."

Side one links five ways of playing the piano wires: drumming, pulling, bowing, beating and scraping. The room itself acts as a type of natural resonator as Fox moves the wires with padded mallet, his bare fingers, violin bow, wooden shish kebab stick and rusted metal rod. The effect of such plain arrangements can be utterly hypnotizing.

The second half of Linkage was recorded in the attic of Künstlerhaus Bethanien, West Berlin, in May 1981. A thirty-three meter long wire was held in contact with a sardine tin. Over the course of 20 minutes, pulsating drones dissolve into rhythmic patterns that sound almost synthetic in origin. As noted in the original LP pamphlet, all these sounds were strictly acoustic; the only electronics involved was the recording equipment.

In an introduction for this edition, Marita Loosen-Fox and Ron Meyers write, "The desire to eliminate any barriers between the art and the viewer/audience connects all of Fox's situations/actions/performances. The ultimate goal is to communicate as directly as possible, which finds its most concentrated expression in the artist's works with sound."

This first-time reissue is limited to 750 numbered copies. Comes with booklet.



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