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RVNG INTL.から、ラトヴィアのNEW AGE POP新キャラ。ユニークな才能の登場。アク強めのキャラですが、マジカルに奏でる音と相まって、あの世感、不思議な魅力を放っている。PV見てしまった人はすでに取り憑かれています。

〈SOUNDS OF THE DAWN〉というレーベルから2016年に配信でリリースしたEP 「Closer To The Equator」は、ラトビア国立歌劇場で公演された現代バレエのために作曲され、フランスのANTINOTEがアナログリリースして話題を呼んだ女性アーチスト、アガタ・メルニコアのプロジェクトSIGN LIBRAがRVNG INTL.からアルバム・デビュー!「Sea To Sea」の9つの楽曲の海は、月面の平原に名付けられた月の海(Luna Maria)を因んでいる。月面での重力作用や、太陽の光と地球の影、神話的性質などに纏わる。VAPOUR WAVE、環境音楽やSAINT GIGAなんかのデジタルなニューエイジ・ミュージックにもサウンド。RVNG INTL.からというのも納得の素晴らしいアルバム。推薦。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Sea Of Fecundity
A2.Sea Of Islands
A3.Sea Of Waves
A4.Sea Of Serenity
A5.Sea Of Vapours
B1.Sea Of Nectar
B2.Sea Of Cleverness
B3.Sea Of Tranquility
B4.Sea Of Knowledge

Sign Libra is the sigil under which Latvian composer and artist Agata Melnikova delivers her mystical, musical musings. Sea to Sea, Melnikova’s sophomore album, operates at the node between cerebral and celestial, the complex and magnificent systems of our immediate and greater cosmos arranged into exquisite and eccentric sound patterns.

Closer to the Equator, Melnikova’s debut album (originally released on Sounds of the Dawn, and then Antinote), was composed for a contemporary ballet choreographed by Milana Komarova and performed at the Latvian National Opera in Riga. A microcosmic rendering of rainforest activity equally informed by BBC nature documentaries, Closer introduced Melnikova’s penchant for impressionistic, pseudo-anthropological and intimately synthesized environmental visions, executed with detailed and balanced arrangements.

For Sea to Sea, Melnikova surveys a different, satellite scenery: the “seas” of the moon’s surface, known collectively as Lunar Maria. These large, dark plains formed by volcanic eruptions were thought to be actual seas by early astronomers. On Sea to Sea, Melnikova studies the philosophical and mythological nature of this surreal landscape, framed by the illumination of the sun, the shadow of the earth, and the personal perceptions of its inhabitants. The moon becomes an inseparable half of the holistic make-up of our world, and its gravity guides Sea to Sea.

Across the Sea to Sea’s nine songs, each dedicated to a different liquid expanse, Melnikova’s deft and dancerly arrangements articulate themes of abundance and peace, curiosity, bliss, mystery and mastery, all in Libran balance. Her singular voice appears throughout in repeated, mostly-wordless refrains, a narrator of the performance of life, unfolding continually and infinitely. Between these refrains, a language forms and reminds us what we have learned, and what we have yet to learn, before echoing away into distant waters and galaxies.

Sign Libra’s Sea to Sea will be released on February 14, 2020 as vinyl and digital editions. On behalf of Sign Libra, a portion of proceeds from this release will benefit Music Fund, an organization that gives young people living in conflict zones and/or poor regions the chance to practice music in suitable conditions.



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