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ASHLEY BEEDLEのリミックスを収録してカルトヒットしたダブリンのGLENN DAVISニューEP。今回もASHLEYBEEDLEがAfrikanz on Marz名義でリミックスを2 VERSIONS提供しています。FRANCOIS KEVORKIANがアーリーサポート!

NUGROOVEのBURRELL兄弟への敬意を持って制作されたというオリジナル「Namida (Tears of Happiness)」も安定感の風格、AFRIKANZ ON MARZのコズミックなシンセサイザー炸裂するリミックスとDUB VERSION。7分今日のミュージカル・ジャーニー。素晴らしいです。B2の「UGetting Down」もオーセンティック・ディープハウス。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Namida (Tears of Happiness) Original Version sample
A2. Namida (Tears of Happiness) Afrikanz on Marz Remix sample
B1. Namida (Tears of Happiness) Afrikanz on Marz Dub sample
B2. UGetting Down sample

F*CLR Records are delighted to release Dublin based producer/remixer Glenn Davis’s outstanding new EP, Namida (Tears of Happiness), the eagerly anticipated follow up to his hugely acclaimed Body & Soul 12 Inch.

With remixes from Ashley Beedle & Darren Morris’s Afrikanz on Marz production unit, it has already been given the legendary François Kevorkian seal of approval with massive support on his Worldwide FM show.

Mr Davis has been busy in the studio this year creating complete dancefloor and radio fire - house music to lift you up and save your soul.

The original mix of Namida (Tears of Happiness) would sit comfortably next to anything on the Nu Groove label roster; the Burrell Brothers would be saluting Glenn for his beautiful attention to detail.

Ashley Beedle x Darren Morris take their Afrikanz on Marz remixes onto a cosmic disco level and with a bass line that takes no prisoners, deliver a sparkling remix + dub.

With the addition of the properly late night sleazy bizniss UGetting Down, it’s party time for deep headz. Enjoy!!



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