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ロシアのハウス・レーベル〈MINOR NOTES〉。主宰のLOWRESの12インチ。LAY-FARがリミックスを提供しています。

ロシア発のLOWRES。ジャジー、ソウル、ディスコのテイスト、サンプルのコラージュと鍵盤ワークもグッドなビートダウン。リズム構築やレイヤーにユニークさを感じさせます。Lay-Farのリミックスはブレイクビート、ダブ・サイレン、ファットなビート。サンプルループの妙のリミックスでばっちり。上がり過ぎないテンションもグッド。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

B2.Deesheeteh (Lay-Far Remix)sample

Minor Notes moves into 2020 with a bang as they bring through more quality house music from the ever impressive roster of artists which Russia is providing at the minute.

This time label boss Guydee presents Lowres which is a project of two old friends with completely different musical backgrounds. Until 2012, Fyodor Stepanenko (aka Nphonix) spent many years productively engaged in drum&bass music, after which he switched to various versions of the modern sound of bass, techno and house. Ivan Voltanov (aka Zimmer G) is a lounge and downtempo guru who has released several albums in this sound. The symbiosis of such different views on electronic music has resulted in a sound that can best be described as classic house with vintage treatment.

Semena EP provides 4 Deep, Melodic, Jazz tinged house cuts that will work just as well for listening as in the club. To round this EP off nicely Russia's finest purveyor of dancefloor soul Lay-Far is drafted in to provide a breaks lead rendition of 'Deesheetah'.



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