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SVEN VATH率いる名門〈COCOON〉やMOIの〈MULEN〉からも出しているマンハイムの実力派FABEが〈INFUSE〉に帰還!大きく左右にスイングする低音のグルーヴに、連鎖的なヴォーカルフックがアクセントになったミニマル・テックハウス!

2016年に開始したレーベル〈SALTY NUTS〉も好調なFABEが、自身も出演するミニマル本山とも言えるパーティ”FUSE LONDON”傘下の〈INFUSE〉から3度目のリリース!歯切れのいいスネアとミスティックなリフ、振り子のようなベースループに揺らされる「Chocolate Cake」(sample1)。持続蛇行するベースにスキップなビートが映える「Frisbee」(sample3)の古典ハウスなオルガンなど、揺らし方・リフ共にフロアを狙った4トラックを収録! (Akie)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Chocolate Cakesample
A2.Blue Shoozsample

Fabe returns to FUSE sister imprint Infuse this March as he delivers the four-track ‘RYTM Tales’ EP.

A staple within Mannheim’s blossoming house and techno scene and a key member of the cities’ BE9 collective, with further projects such as Ho Do Ri alongside close friend Ben Balance, Salty Nuts boss Fabe has gone on to become an emerging name of note across Europe and beyond. With an impressive stock of material to date via thelikes of Mulen Records, La Peña, Sukhumvit Records and most recently Cocoon, March reveals a welcome return to London’s Infuse to unveil his ‘RYTM Tales’ EP on the imprint.

Opening via the slick ‘Chocolate Cake’ which harnesses signature slinking grooves alongside infectious vocal hooks, The ‘RYHM Tales’ EP showcases elements and sonics from right across the German talent’s repertoire. ‘Blue Shooz’ offers up an up-front, driving cut guided by rumbling low-ends and skipping hats throughout, whilst ‘Frisbee’ takes up a more paired back approach with off-kilter lead melodies and resonant synth lines guiding the way. The package is rounded out by ‘Locked’, a heady final production loaded with swing and armed with a sweet balance of subtle keys, crisp percussion licks and yet another groove-fuelled bassline designed for the floor.



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