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5IVE Planet Be REMIX

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POWDER主宰の〈THINNER GROOVE〉から、1STリリースをになった5IVE(COS/MES)のEP「Planet Be 」のタイトル曲のリミックス!HASHMAN DEEJAYです!到着しました。

近年Powderと共にストックホルムのSAMO DJともコラヴォレーション、〈BORN FREE〉、〈THE TRILOGY TAPES〉、〈PUBLIC POSSESSION〉、〈COCKTAIL D'AMORE MUSIC〉と面白いつながりを広げている5IVE(COS/MES)。〈THINNER GROOVE〉の1STリリースに収録されていた「Planet Be」のリミックス。〈MOODHUT〉等でバンクーバーを拠点に各地のアンダーグラウンドシーンとコネクトするHASHMAN DEEJAYのリミックス!POWDER自身も昨年よくプレイしたという派手さはないけどフロアをかっちりキープしながらエフェクトしていくスモーキーグルーヴ。B-SIDEには片面オリジナルを片面フルで再収録しており、ミッドテンポのどこかトライバルでユニークなLO-FIシンセサイザー&マシーンビート! (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. Planet Be (Hashman deejay remix) sample
B1. Planet Be sample

Hello !
Happy 2020, this is Moko(Powder) again,
A lot happening these days but hope things are not
getting to you too much :)
Wanted to update something positive !
Following the first release of last fall,
“G” by SW and K-LINE,
we have another quick hand-made one coming,
Itʼs a double-sider with one side, “Planet Be” by 5ive
which you maybe already know as the title track
from the labelʼs first release,
AND the news is… the other side is a REMIX of “
Planet Be” done by a friend, Hashman Deejay.
This remix was completely unplanned, once we first
send out the notice of the “Planet Be” last year,
Hashman Deejay replied very soon with this special
remix and kind words congratulatingthe first release
it was a happy moment the excitement of the
original track soon lead to another great track to be
The remix translates the original track with Hashmanʼs signature deep, bad bass and bits and pieces
of smoky toppings.
It builds up endlessly but not in a bursting-out
uplifting way, something more like the core inside is
keep evolving but the initial outline stays the same,
almost like a planet evolution… if thatʼs not too
dramatic ;)
Itʼs something you can choose by shaking it with the
beat or folat with the deep groove.
The song was around for a while on Youtube as a
secret online bonus for those who noticed it, itʼs
been a floor saver for myself last year at so many
moments, which been asked a lot about.
Simply wanted to share another groove of a friend
and now here it is !
The release is in 45rpm this time, so you can do new
stuff with the original track as well ;)
Enjoy and hope you catch the groove at every play:)
Thank you again,
Moko Goto (Powder)



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