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ロンドンのDNB、ベース/アンダーグラウンドシーンで活躍する女性DJ注目のDJ SHERELLEとNAINAの二人がたちあげた主宰のレーベル〈HOOVERSOUND〉の第1弾!Critical Recordings等でリリースしているブリストルのHYROGLIFICSとデトロイトのアフリカン・アメリカンSINISTARR。共にドラムン・ベース のシーンを中心に活動してきたプロデューサー。DNBシーンからの注目すべき一枚だと思います。デトロイトとUKのアンダーグラウンド・サウンド。HYPERDUBのScratcha DVAのリミックス収録。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1. BS6 sample
A2. BS6 (Scratcha DVA Remix) sample
B2. Turbo Island sample
B2. Detroit sample

The first imprint on SHERELLE and NAINA’s label Hooversound brings together Surrey based DJ /producer Hyroglifics and Detroit DJ/ producer Sinistarr for an exciting dancefloor-ready EP.

‘BS6’ sees two of the most consistent and exciting names in the underground electronic music scene joining forces on Hooversound’s highly anticipated debut release.

Having both released on iconic labels in the past (Sinistarr with Exit Records, Hospital, Metalheadz whilst Hyroglifics with Critical, Astrophonica, 1985 Music - to name a few), the two producers shine in this new collaborative EP which merges together elements of footwork, jungle and techno.

The EP has two collaborative tracks that stand by two solo tracks from each producer. Electronic pioneer and legend Scratcha DVA brings his GQOM and moody percussion on the official remix.



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