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HAKOBUNE Ruminating On What Was Unsaid

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各方面から信頼の厚いアンビエント作家HAKOBUNEことTakahiro Yorifujiが休止いていた自身のカセットレーベルTOBIRA RECORDSからアナログリリース。

「昨年夏のうだるような暑さ中でのノスタルジックな夢を呼び起こす」。レイジーなピアノが繰り返され次第にドローンの中に飲み込まれ溶け込んでいくような「Kume」。沁みる。ノスタルジックで祝福的なサウンドの波動のドローンアンビエント「Kodaicho」。2011年以来休止していたTOBIRA RECORDSの復活で、兵庫県加古川で同名のレコードショップもオイープン予定だそうです。 (サイトウ)

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Ambient artist Takahiro Yorifuji created Ruminating on What Was Unsaid during the sweltering Tokyo July of 2019. On this record, a wistful and mesmerizing piano loop crescendos into a rippling wall of sound to create a mood of reflection. For Yorifuji, it calls forth nostalgic dreams of summertime in Japan.

This release marks the long-awaited return of Yorifuji’s record label Tobira Records, which he halted in 2011 after relocating to Tokyo. It also marks an exciting new venture for the artist, who in June 2020 will open his very own record store in his hometown of Kasai, Hyogo Prefecture, under the Tobira Records name.

It joins a string of other Hakobune releases put out this year, including The Last of Our Time Together from Past Inside the Present, A Fan, Strings, and Two Guitars from Patient Sounds, and Rain Studies from Constellation Tatsu.



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