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CREMATION LILY The Processes And Instruments Of Normal People; Trying And Failing, Falling And Water Running

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Helmの Luke Youngerが主宰するDIYで実験的な電子音楽を展開するレーベルALTERから2018年にカセットリリースされていたCREMATION LILYの「The Processes And Instruments Of Normal People」をアナログリリース。

ALTERから2枚リリースをしているアーチストCREMATION LILYのカセットでリリースしていた音源をアナログリリース。ブライトンとカンタベリーの間に位置するイギリス南部の港町ヘースリングに滞在時に制作したもので、街での生活と、雰囲気に強く影響を受けている。ダビー、幻想的なエレクトロニクス、アンビエント。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

Part One: We Fall Behindsample
A1.October Sails (7:05)sample
A2.Coastal Path, If We Were Alone (2:48)sample
A3.The Currents Mislead (Hand Ιn Hand) (9:40)
Part Two: Low Tide (9:40)
B1.The Processes Αnd Instruments Οf Normal People (2:56)sample
B2.Quiet Preperation (Timetable) (5:56)sample
B3.Rose Water (9:25)sample

ALTER presents a remastered edition of Cremation Lily’s second album, on vinyl for the first time. Recorded whilst living in Hastings and originally released as a double cassette on his Strange Rules label in 2017, The Processes… forms a trilogy of albums in the CL canon that were influenced by the life and atmospheres within British coastal towns. Composed using a rudimentary set-up of synth, drum machine and two modified walkmans, CL draws upon a broad range of influences from the underground electronic music spectrum. Noise, tape music and ambient techno are all referenced and align to form a cohesive collection of tracks, flowing fluidly in sequence. Melancholic synth pads and deep kick drums intersect with crude field recordings and occasional bursts of feedback, evoking a claustrophobic uncertainty that feels more like being pulled under than carried above.

Features additional piano and violin by Theodore Cale Schafer.
Remastered by John Hannon.



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