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▼ Tracklisting

A1.Ah Halime, Ah (4:08)sample
A2.Nikriz Longa (4:05)sample
A3.Vur Zilleri (3:52)sample
A4.Mevlana (3:12)sample
A5.Lambaya Püf De (2:38)sample
A6.Bizim Şarkımız (4:33)sample
B1.Oriental Whip (3:14)sample
B2.Lorke - Süt İçtim (2:26)sample
B3.Şeker Oğlan (3:05)sample
B4.Fidayda (4:17)sample
B5.Fusion (3:05)sample
B6.Sabır, Ya Sabır (6:00)sample

Nice Turkish disco / psychedelic / funk album, all sounds are from the orig 1970s and 1980s. Funky tunes with moog organ, bass guitar and electric saz, clapping riffs, wah guitar, clarinet, darbuka and double drums !

Arsivplak has long delved into the weirdest, most wonderful forms of psychedelia from Turkey throughout the last few decades. Metin Alatlı, Tayfun, Halit Kakınç, Ruacan as a producer, Arşivplak also reimagined Turkish folklore through a classic synthesizer on the sublime "Volga Nehri (Turkish Disco Folk)" in 2012, "Moog Edits" in 2015 and the new edit album after 4 years.. Whether it’s the moog organ or the electric-saz there are no casual players with each instrument taking decades to master and the label showcase these shared characteristics between funk-jazz and traditional Turkish disco-folk music." Here you go "Mirror". Enjoy..!!



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