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JOAN BIBILONI Selected Works 1981 to 1989

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MUSIC FROM MEMORYからコンピレーションも編集されたスペインのバレアリスのマヨルカ島のギタリストJOAN BIBILONIの音源から5曲をセレクトしたEPリリース。

バレアリス諸島を拠点に活動したリアル・バレアリック、80sのギタリスト、ジョアン・ビビローニ。2曲は、MUSIC FROM MEMORYと被りますが残り3曲は「El Sur」未収録。DJの視点でのセレクト。フュージョン、ニューエイジ、スパニッシュミュージック、アフリカンやブラジリアンミュージックの影響が垣間見れる。GILLES PETERSONから、DJ SPRINKLESまで称賛の声が届いております。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

A1.Ulls Verds - Joana Llunasample
A2.El Cumpleannos de Jaimitosample
B1.Laiala Laialasample
B2.Alfonsina Y El Marsample
B3.Una Vida Llarga I Tranquilasample

Rare tracks taken from key albums from Spanish / Balearic Islands musician Joan Bibiloni’s extensive career focusing on the period 1982 to 1989. This will continue the NuNorthern Soul Selected Works series, following on from the x2 Ryo Kawasaki EPs released.

There’s a touch of Brazlian rhyme and Ivan Lins-esque sophisticated swing on NuNorthern Soul`s compilation focused on the output of Mallorquin virtuoso, Joan Bibiloni. Selected Works 1982 To 1989 pulls together 5 essentials from the guitarist, who grew up in the artistic milieu centred around the poet, and author, Robert Graves, and his island home, Canallun, in the isolated island village of Deia. An experience that had Bibiloni witness the birth of Soft Machine, and learn his chops, coming up through prog – contributing to sides by Daevid Allen, Kevin Ayers and Gong.

His own music mixes in flamenco influences from the Spanish mainland and those from North Africa, Algeria and Morocco. Creating a fluid fusion of tradition, folk, musics, and jazz. Basses are slapped, or fretless. Songs are wordless scats of blue seas and matching horizons. Pat Metheny, and Jaco Pastorious-like, in places, his incredible playing is evident throughout. El Cumpleaños de Jaimito is boogie that bumps like Lee Ritenour jamming with Kasso and Yuji Toriyama, while conversely, Alfonsina Y El Mar is a shimmering, intricate, ambient, microtone mirage.

Sleeve notes will come from interviews conducted by Marc Rowlands plus the RSD release will contain a poster of the front cover sleeve artwork.

Selected DJ Support :

I’d love to play!!


Ah i would love to have this one.. it sounds amazing!

Sounds interesting! I’d like to play it on a big system.



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