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アンゴラのKuduroや南アフリカのGQOMの流れを組むみBASS、GRIME、UK Funkyと混ざり合いながら進化するUK、ロンドンのベース、アフロビート集団〈MORE TIME RECORDS〉。R&Sから昨年リリースされたオムニバス「More Time Records Vol.1」に続いて中心的アーチストSNØWこと、SAM CHADBURNがSAM INTERFACE名義でニューシングル。

ブリストルのドラムン・ベース・シーンをルーツに、GQOMやKUDUROと融合しながらロンドンで展開しているMore Time Records。ポリリズム、パワフルなトライバルビート&ベース。ロンドンの地下鉄のアナウンスをサンプリングしたリード曲その名も「Underground」筆頭に、ロンドンらしいカッティング・エッジなダンストラックス。 (サイトウ)

▼ Tracklisting

Black Side
A2.Finally (ft. Break)sample
Silver Side
B2.Pink Dolphinssample

Sam Interface (formerly known as SNØW) returns to the seminal R&S Records following the success of last year’s R&S Presents: More Time Records Vol 1, which was a 4 track compilation featuring Ahadadream, Bala Bala Boyz, Bryte & SNØW.

He is the co-founder of London’s More Time Records, on which he has released much of his own music as SNØW (including collaborations with Zed Bias, Fox, Dread MC & more) and can also be found monthly on Rinse FM and Reprezent Radio playing a range of percussive genres including UK Funky, GQOM, Kuduro, Afrobeats and more.

The name change takes him closer to his first alias Interface, under which he had DnB hits with the likes of DJ Die and more, he explains: “When i first released music back in my early DnB days I used the alias “Interface” and so many people still call me Sam Interface - it feels like the most natural name for me.”

The lead track “Underground” (which samples an announcement from the tube) references a range of London-centric genres, combining polyrhythmic percussion with an extremely upfront bass sound which draws influence from and exxagerates recent drill productions.

“Finally”, a collaboration with an old friend & prolific DnB producer Break follows, bringing frantic motion to the release. The third track “Crud” utilises Sam’s signature gully bass production, flooding the speakers with low end on the drop. The EP wraps up with “Pink Dolphins” - a euphoric dancefloor moment which channels the energy and emotion of jungle, drawing on some of Sam’s earliest rave influences.



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